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🥳 Celebrating Our 1st Birthday! 🎂

Greetings, LoreKeeper enthusiasts!

As we mark the first anniversary of LoreKeeper.ai, we reflect on a year of incredible growth, innovation, and community engagement. It's been a while since our last post, but rest assured, the LoreKeeper team has been hard at work behind the scenes. We're thrilled to celebrate this milestone with you and share some exciting updates and enhancements that we've been working on.

🪄 Socerers' Summer Solstice Sale! ☀️

First and foremost, we're bringing back our 30% off sale to celebrate our first birthday! 🎉 The Socerers' Summer Solstice Sale is now live, offering 30% off the first 3 months for monthly subscriptions and a magical 30% off a full year for annual subscriptions, until June 21st.

Recent Updates & Enhancements
Enhanced Character & Map Image Generation
  • Description: We've added new art styles, such as pixel art, anime, black & white, and more! Additionally, our image generators are now more large-screen friendly, making it easier to edit your images.
  • Benefits: These enhancements offer greater creative flexibility and improved usability, helping you create and refine images that perfectly match your vision.
  • Google Sign-in Integration
Character Description Hashtags
  • Description: You can now use hashtags like #dead for deceased characters and #pc for player characters. These hashtags add a special flair to the character icons, making it easier to identify their status at a glance.
  • Benefits: This feature enhances the visual organization of your characters, providing quick and clear identification of their roles within the campaign.
  • Character Description Hashtags
Entity Deletion Capability
  • Description: We've added the ability to delete entities, including characters, locations, and maps.
  • Benefits: This allows for better management and cleanup of your campaigns, ensuring that outdated or unnecessary entries can be removed easily.
  • Delete Entity
Enhanced Campaign Card
  • Description: The campaign card now displays users within the campaign and shows entity counts for sessions, characters, maps, and locations.
  • Benefits: This provides a more comprehensive overview of your campaign, helping you keep track of participants and the scope of your world-building efforts.
  • Google Sign-in Integration
Campaign Name Generator
  • Description: Automatically receive campaign name suggestions with our new campaign name generator.
  • Benefits: This tool sparks creativity and saves time, offering unique and fitting names for your new adventures.
  • Google Sign-in Integration
Google Sign-in Integration
  • Description: To make logging in more convenient, we've integrated Google Sign-in.
  • Benefits: This provides a seamless and secure way to access your LoreKeeper account, saving you time and hassle.
  • Google Sign-in Integration

Thank You for an Amazing Year

As we celebrate our first year, we want to thank each and every one of you for being part of the LoreKeeper community. Your feedback, support, and creativity have driven our improvements and inspired new features. Here's to many more years of storytelling, adventure, and innovation!

Stay tuned for more updates and, as always, stay awesome!