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Pricing Tiers 2.0 More Value, More Flexibility

At LoreKeeper.ai, we continuously strive to improve your experience. Today, we're excited to introduce Pricing 2.0, a major update that enhances the value and flexibility of our subscription tiers. Here's everything you need to know about this exciting change.

Prices Aren't Changing

First and foremost, we want to assure you that the prices for our subscription tiers are not changing. Each tier will continue to offer at least the same amount of premium features per month as before, and in most cases, even more. Overall the value of the BRAVE and MIGHTY tiers has increased.

Simplifying Premium Features

We've consolidated our premium features LK Transcribe, and LK Summarize, into LK Assistant. This unified assistant will handle various interactions, each costing a different number of spell points, with most interactions costing just a single spell point.

Tier Spell Point Changes

Now that all premium features are part of LK Assistant, we've adjusted the spell point allocations for each tier to provide more value and flexibility.

Free tier will now include 50 spell points per month, enabling more experimentation with LK Assistant.
Increased to 1,000 spell points per month, enabling more extensive use of the LK Assistant.
Continues to offer unlimited spell points, providing the ultimate flexibility and power for your campaigns.

Spell Point Costs Breakdown

InteractionSpell Points
Location Generation1
NPC Generation1
Image Generation4
Distill Summary from Transcription50
Audio Transcriptions400
Decipher Notes2
Encounter Table1

Why These Change Makes Sense

  • Flexibility in Premium Features

    Users now have the flexibility to choose which premium features they want to use. This means you can tailor your use of the LK Assistant to fit your campaign needs best.

  • More Bang for Your Buck

    With the new spell point allocation, users in the MIGHTY tier can generate up to 250 images per month compared to the previous limit of 75. This is just one example of how Pricing 2.0 provides greater value.

  • Simplified Spell Points

    We've streamlined the number of spell point types, reducing confusion and making it easier for you to manage your resources effectively.

  • Future-Proofing with Flexibility

    By allowing different interactions to cost varying amounts of spell points, we can introduce new features and enhancements without disrupting the existing pricing structure.

These changes are designed to make LoreKeeper even better, providing you with more tools and flexibility to craft your epic campaigns. This change will be rolled out to all users later this month. We hope you're as excited about these updates as we are!

Stay tuned for more updates, and as always, stay awesome!

The LoreKeeper Team

Feel free to reach out with any questions or suggestions at support@lorekeeper.ai.