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Image Generation is Live!

Hello LoreKeeper Enthusiast!

The day is finally here! Character & Map image generation is live! We're super pumped to bring you this feature, and we think you all will have as much fun with it as we have testing it out. Dive into a new realm of creativity, where your most vibrant imaginations come to life with the click of a button. From the misty peaks of ancient mountains to the intricate details of a rogue's smirk, our image generation puts the power of visual storytelling right at your fingertips. Get ready to be inspired, to create, and to share the wonders of your world as never before!

🖼️ Introducing Character and Map Image Generation

With just a few clicks, you can conjure images that capture the essence of your characters and the lands they explore. Whether you're drawing from the detailed notes in your character's profile or crafting a unique landscape, our new feature transforms your ideas into vibrant visuals.

👁️‍🗨️ Tailored Visual Descriptions

Our intuitive system automatically generates a visual description for your characters based on their notes. Want to tweak the details? You have complete control to edit the image prompts to fit your vision precisely.

🎨 Creative Freedom at Your Fingertips

Dive into a seamless creative process with convenient example texts and a user-friendly interface. Whether you're a seasoned artist or new to visual storytelling, our tools are designed to enhance your creativity without the complexity.

🛑 Moderation Matters

We've implemented a robust moderation system to ensure a safe and respectful environment as we launch this feature in beta. Our moderation will start off pretty strict, but we're dedicated to evolving the system to be more flexible and accommodating as we learn and grow together.

🔮 On the Horizon

Our cauldrons are bubbling with more enchanting updates, including better organization for Character Groups. Stay tuned for more mystic enhancements!

We value your thoughts and wizardry! If you have ideas or feedback, our scrolls are ready at support@lorekeeper.ai.