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🎁 New Features & Year-End Sale! 🎄

Hello LoreKeeper Enthusiast!

As the year draws to a close, we at LoreKeeper extend our heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you. Your journey with us this year, from trying out LoreKeeper to sharing it with friends, providing invaluable feedback, and supporting us by choosing our premium tiers, has been nothing short of incredible. Your enthusiasm and engagement have been the guiding stars in our quest to continually enhance LoreKeeper. Thank you!

This month, we bring you a treasure trove of updates and enhancements to elevate your storytelling journey! And to add to the festive cheer, our 30% off sale is still going strong until year-end. Don't miss this chance to enhance your gameplay at a magical discount.

🎄 Year-End Sale!

From now until December 31st, get 30% off the first 3 months for monthly subscriptions, and a fantastical 30% off a full year for annual subscriptions.

🎇 Session Summaries 2.0: Enhanced and Efficient

Dive into the improved world of Session Summaries 2.0! Experience faster summary generation, more consistent quality, and a new section dedicated to Scene Descriptions, making each session come alive with vivid details and a captivating narrative flow.

🎙️ Transcription Proper Noun Detection

Our transcription service now identifies proper nouns for the characters, locations, groups, etc. contained within your recorded audio. This means more accurate sessions summaries, and less manual editing.

🏘️ Random Location Generation: More Ways to Spark Creativity

Similar to our NPC Generation feature, we've now added the ability to generate random locations with a click of a button. With both NPC & Location generation, you can now specify the type you need, whether it's a tavern, inn, shop, barkeeper, guard, etc. We've also added a button on Character & Location creation forms to be able to conjure a random entity from the ether, making it even more convenient to get the creative juices flowing.

🔧 MISC Improvements
🎥 A DM's Guide to LoreKeeper YouTube Series

Jason of Instagram's @dndc_minis has added another installment of his DM's Guide to LoreKeeper series, focused on Groups & Organizations!

We're constantly working to make LoreKeeper the sanctum for all your campaign needs. Stay tuned for more updates and, as always, your feedback is the catalyst to our alchemy. Reach out to us with your thoughts and suggestions at support@lorekeeper.ai.