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October Feature Updates!

Hello LoreKeeper Enthusiast!

October has been a busy month at LoreKeeper's Assembly. We've been working hard behind the scenes to bring you some fantastic updates and improvements. Here's what's new:

🌟 Enhancements to our BRAVE and MIGHTY Tiers

We've bumped up the LK Assistant Spell Points 🔮 to 5/month for our free users and 50/month for our MIGHTY tier members, giving you more Arcane Intelligence power at no additional cost! We've given our pricing page a makeover for clarity, and you'll now find tooltips on all our Premium feature buttons to understand them better. Check out the pricing FAQs for more info!

📷 Session Images

You can now add, delete, and manage session images, enabling you to capture every moment at the table and store the memories in LoreKeeper. No more Google Drive or Photo sharing, we're continuing to consolidate all your tools in one place!

🌍 Nested Locations

By popular request, we've rolled out nested locations! Specify that a city lies within a particular continent, or a bar is nestled in a particular city. This decreases the clutter and makes locations a bit more organized.

✍ Campaign Notes Tabs

You can now organize your campaign notes in any one of many tabs. Create a tab for encounters, loot tables, the next session, or any other way you want to organize your notes!

👤 Your Profile, Your Way

Customize your name, image, font, and email preferences directly from your profile. We'll be able to build on this for more customization options in the future!

🔧 MISC Improvements

Map creation is now smoother with improved sizing for portrait aspect ratios. We've beefed up our session audio, adding more detailed logging and error handling. Audio uploads are now more flexible for larger files – you've got a 30-minute window! User Avatar now visible on the Home & Campaigns pages. Fixed Logout & Manage subscription buttons due to Chrome update.